Human and Animal Rights

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  • Have Corey make his icon Frankenberry on GroupMe

    Have Corey make his icon Frankenberry on GroupMe

    This is serious. We all realized that we were actually the monsters from monster cereal all along. In order for us to successfully and effectively complete this transformation, Corey must partake in this ritual. He has time and time again denied his true persona and has twisted and manipulated what...

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  • #bazzabackinsutton!


    Hello world,  we we need to right this wrong, we need to correct this injustice, and we need to return this wild beast to his natural environment. In Sutton! Local enough to his natural habitat of Sutton and Epsom Rugby club.  He was was taken from us to a foreign land, and had now...

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  • No animal should be beaten to become clothes or food

    No animal should be beaten to become clothes or food

    I want to stop the meat and wool industry from being able to torture and beat animals. We need to stop animal abuse and not just for dogs but for all.

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  • Make School Optional

    Make School Optional

    This petition is for the kids and students in the United States America. If this petition passes it will make school optional for all students. Students will not be punished for missing school by detention, extra work, ect. Of course school is recommended for students so they can get an education but...

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  • Save Christians from persecution at UN Camps

    Save Christians from persecution at UN Camps

    There is growing evidence that Christian asylum seekers are being persecuted at UN camps and many charities have been set up to protect them from the Muslim 'asylum seekers' who persecute them.The current system required asylum seekers to be assessed in these camps and means that disenfranchised Christians...

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  • Councils must protect communities from radicals

    Councils must protect communities from radicals

    After a council authorised Christian event was rudely interrupted by a rogue Islamic group who frightened unsuspecting Christians and other visitors to Ilford by airing Allah-hu-Akhbar and other Islamic chanting on a PA, a call is being made for the government to bring in some controls regarding the...

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  • Set up Robby Ghost and Calliope

    Set up Robby Ghost and Calliope

    Robby is a tall white boy and is into the same music please people make this happen.   

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  • TRANSforming Healthcare Hawaii

    TRANSforming Healthcare Hawaii

    Healthcare Isn't a Privilege, It's a Right In Hawaii, transgender individuals are not provided the healthcare that everyone needs and deserves. A law in Hawaii has made it so that no one can discriminate against transgender individuals in areas pertaining to healthcare but even with this law...

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  • Keep Friday Woods Car Park open - fit a locked gate

    Keep Friday Woods Car Park open - fit a locked gate

    We the undersigned believe that the Bounstead Road car park should be kept open in day light hours, and a gated access should be provided that will stop any Anti Social behaviour from affecting the Army use of this land.We should not let the littering or fly tipping of the minority affect the use...

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  • change kravitz' name to bone daddy

    change kravitz' name to bone daddy

    we all know why kravitz should be called bone daddy. it saves time. its a descriptor and a great name. its the title we all deserve, most of all... its the title kravitz deserves.

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  • SavingGarmentWorkers


    People all over the world work high hours for little pay, and barely have enough to buy their essentials at the end of the day. We started this petition to help spread awareness about the terrible working conditions like the cramped spacing in the factories, the hazards on the ground, the improper use...

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  • protect Non-Muslims from kaffirophobia

    protect Non-Muslims from kaffirophobia

    We the undersigned demand that the British Government to add a new classification of crime to the Race and religious hate crime Act 2006.  We desire protection for Non-Muslims from the growing number of radicalized Muslims in Britain, under a new classification of hate crime for 'Kaffirophobia...

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  • Help for the homeless

    Help for the homeless

    There is a growing number of homeless all over the United States, hard working people, without alcohol or drug issues, wages stay down, rents and taxes keep going up, subsidized housing, like section 8 along with another group that supposed helps with this issue, they have 2 to 4 year waiting lists,...

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  • Get bear a egirl role on glinks discord

    Get bear a egirl role on glinks discord

    i want to be a girl on discord

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  • Stop poaching!!!

    Stop poaching!!!

    2 rhinos were poached every day in 2013, for medicine that has no real medical value. 35000 African elephants were killed last year due to poaching. If you think this is unfair, sign the petition!!!!

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  • Stop r/teenagers new rules

    Stop r/teenagers new rules

    We want the subreddit that we all grew to know and love back. Our peoples are being oppressed, and we need to stand up. If we fight together, maybe, we can win.

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  • Stop homophobic laws in MN

    Stop homophobic laws in MN

    This petition is to make discriminatory laws (like gay men not being able to donate blood if they have engaged in sexual activity and the use of conversion theropy in MN) illegal! We hope you will stand with the LGBT community and their fight for rights #minnesotaproud 

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  • Breast Cancer prep rally

    Breast Cancer prep rally

    The reason I am strating this petition is simple awareness.I know that someone kids miss behaved but that doesn't mean the whole school should get punished for a act of carelessness.The reason I want this prep rally is for a better understanding of breast cancer for those who might not have one.I believe...

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  • Stop Fish Abuse

    Stop Fish Abuse

    Fish are one of the most neglected animals. They are abused daily like it is nothing. I hope to improve the quality of life for these little guys. 

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  • Always Against Animal Testing

    Always Against Animal Testing

    This protest is to help enlighten people about animal testing and help stop people from using animal tested products as well as helping to stop it along the way. with this I will be creating positive branding that will give people insight to the benefits of using cruelty free makeup.     &...

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